‘Braless’ Amber Heard Wardrobe Malfunction: “My N*pples Or Any Part Of Me…”

‘Braless’ Amber Heard Wardrobe Malfunction: “My N*pples Or Any Part Of Me…”

Celebrities often face the pressure of putting their best fashion foot forward. Whether it is their casual outings or red carpet appearances, they after often judged with ‘best and worst dressed’ pieces. Amber Heard faced something similar when she voluntarily chose to go braless while pulling off one of her pantsuit looks. Scroll below to know how she clapped back at reports of her wardrobe malfunction.

It basically demands for equal rights for women as men openly roam around topless but as soon as a woman does it, it is considered indecent. Many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna among other celebrities have supported it in the past.

Despite all the awareness, women still grab eyeballs and face backlash for their braless looks. Amber Heard was no different as she suffered something similar back in 2018. The blonde beauty was spotted in a black pantsuit look. She opted for a white tank top within but all eyes were on her partially exposed assets.

Amber seemed to have been pretty mad at the news materials. She added, “How dare you tell me it’s a malfunction?” she continued. “My nipples or any part of me are not a malfunction.”


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