Ariana Grande’s Beautiful Photos Ever!

Ariana Grande’s Beautiful Photos Ever!

Ariana’s pose striking skills have reached maximum capacity with this snap chock-full of pouting, MWAH!

We just like the fact that when Ari ordered this she actually had to click on the XL button for the first time in her entire existence.

Not the trademark Ariana pony-tail. Ari is single handedly bringing the ponytail back people. Time to go on a scrunchie shopping spree.

If you plan on recreating Ari’s look from her ‘Into You’ video just remember the white denim jacket is a MUST.

We’ll admit it right now, we’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall simply to watch how difficult it is for her to squeeze into those boots.

Because we NEED this in our lives right now.

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell socks.

Here they are, the famous bunny ears in all their glory! Plus that dark lipstick is just a tad perfect.

Who else is getting hints of Jack Skellington here? Is it weird we find that hot? Yep, it definitely is.

After days of teasing this artwork on Twitter, Miss Grande finally unveiled this stunning photo and we finally saw the debut of her silver mane.

It is really no secret that when she walks the red carpet, ALL cameras are on her.

Where does she even get these clothes from? First person to tell us gets a virtual high five.

Where did they even come from?!

In fact, the entire outfit is on point.

Nicki Minaj is an actual goddess in human form isn’t she.


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