Elizabeth Olsen Gets Glowing for an Evening Out

Elizabeth Olsen Gets Glowing for an Evening Out

The famous ladies of the Olsen family are pretty much household names at this point. Of course, there’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who started out as two of the most famous (and well-paid) child stars in Hollywood history. And for the past few years, we’ve been seeing a lot of their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, who has a successful entertainment career herself. But when it comes to money, how do they stack up? Is Elizabeth going to unseat her twin sisters as the wealthiest member of their family?

The competition is tough, to say the least. After all, Mary-Kate and Ashley built an empire, starting with Full House and then branching off into basically every category of media before they took the fashion world by storm. But lately, all eyes have been on Elizabeth, who is playing her Avengers character, the Scarlet Witch, in the Disney+ series, Wanda Vision — and fans just can’t stop talking about the hit show.

How does Mary-Kate and Ashley’s net worth compare to Elizabeth’s? Here’s how these talented ladies make their money, and what their (seriously impressive) totals could look like today.


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