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Here’s a quick question: What is the average U.S. credit score? The answer is 690. So, how close did Emilia Clarke Bikini Photos get? If you were pretty far off, that’s okay.

On the first point, a declining economy can have a negative impact on credit scores. However, as of now the downturn in the economy has not had as much of an impact…yet.

Now onto the range of credit scores. A perfect score is 850, and the worst possible score is 300. A bit of quick math tells us that the average of those two numbers is 575.

More confusion is added by lenders who do not disclose what the cutoff point is for different terms of loans. Not to mention that these points can change at any time, and for a variety of reasons.

So what kind of Emilia Clarke Bikini Photos do you usually need to get the best terms today? Again, each lender is different, but overall you will need a credit score of 720 or better to make sure you will get the best terms.


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