Emma Watson Flaunts Her figure in Bikini ….

Emma Watson Flaunts Her figure in Bikini ….

Emma Watson is in full summer mode. Need proof? The Harry Potter actress, 33, shared a sweet picture of herself posing on a sailboat in tiny white bikini bottoms and a sweater while holding her dog for a new Prada Beauty campaign, and her abs and legs have never been stronger.

If you want to know more about Emma’s current fitness routine, she’s dropped a few hints here and there over the years. For one, Emma is clearly here for summer water sports these days. She also shared a photo of herself from the campaign posing with a surfboard in a cute, cut-out wetsuit (and another of herself in the water on the board.)

Back in 2017, Emma’s legs and core would get totally worked her by her trainer, Emily Drew. Drew shared with Delish that her sessions with Emma were usually about 30 minutes long, and focused on strength training and mobility work using a stability ball. Oh, and another item on the workout list? Yoga.


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