Gal Gadot hottest photos

Gal Gadot hottest photos

An Israeli actress and fashion model who later became Hollywood’s ‘Wonder Woman’, Gal Gadot’s net worth is reported to be around $30 million. Although she began her career in the fashion industry and then subsequently moved to films, Gadot’s popularity rose with DC Universe’s ‘Wonder Woman’. In the year 2020, Gadot was one of the top five highest-paid actresses.

Born on April 30, 1985, in Israel’s Petah Tikva, Gal Gadot’s parents are an engineer and a teacher by profession. Gal’s parents gave her a Hebrew name which means ‘waves on the riverbank’ in English. The actress went to study law and international relations at the IDC Herzliya college.

Not many are aware of the fact that Gal Gadot had also served in the Israeli military. As an Israeli citizen, she had to mandatorily complete a two-year tour of duty in the Israel Defence Forces. She was enlisted as a combat instructor. Her military experiences turned out to be an asset in her acting career.


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