Gal Gadot’s hottest look

Gal Gadot’s hottest look

Gal Gadot is a powerful woman in her own right—the actress, who took on the role of Wonder Woman earlier this year to blowup box office success, also logged time in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat instructor, after all. But there’s nothing like borrowing a few key moves from a storied superhero to funnel that strength into a bold beauty look.

Gadot was spotted at the Palm Springs International Film Festival yesterday having exchanged her favorite sleek, sculptural updos for a tousled long bob furthered by a duo of sly references to her on-screen counterpart. First, came a plunging carmine bustier, a contemporary allusion to Wonder Woman’s iconic uniform, which the actress paired with a vibrant fuchsia suit.

Her flawless complexion was framed by an easy bob. But it was Gadot’s bright crimson pout, a classic makeup signature regularly embraced by TV actress Lynda Carter in her ’70s turn as the Amazonian goddess-turned-Justice League member, that raised the look into the realm of aspirational chic. Because in an age when female empowerment is increasingly paramount, there may be no better instant superhero accessory than a take-no-prisoners red lip.


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