Jaw-Dropping Hot Half-Nude Photos Of Margot Robbie

Jaw-Dropping Hot Half-Nude Photos Of Margot Robbie

“Everyone’s like, ‘Are you having a break?’ And I’m like, ‘You do know I’m a producer, right? We don’t get a break,’” she told US news outlet Deadline. “As Greta has said, it was also terrifying! We knew it was a lot to take on, as audiences probably have a preconceived notion of how they think and feel about Barbie, whether good or bad. So, that presented a big challenge, but we were up for the challenge.”

Delving further and unravelling the world of Barbie, Robbie says: “It’s simple: you got a car, you got a house and then you got a Ken and that’s the fun of this world, Barbie Land. It’s kind of a flip-side of the real world where men are in charge. In Barbie Land, it’s the opposite, women—Barbies—run everything.”

“We can all see each other—all the Barbies own their own Barbie DreamHouses, and when they wake up in the morning, they can wave at each other, totally see each other because there are no walls, and they love it, there is no embarrassment.”


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