Jennifer Aniston wants to rock a bikini

Jennifer Aniston wants to rock a bikini

Jen plays a stripper in her upcoming film ‘We’re The Millers’ and at age 44, her body has never looked better. The person responsible for Jen’s amazing figure is speaking out and sharing her top fitness tips. Jennifer Aniston’s new movie We’re The Millers might be Jen’s raciest role yet — she literally plays a stripper. But career choice aside.

I think we’re all enviable of Jen’s incredible body off-screen! Her BFF and Yoga guru Mandy Ingber is revealing how Jen stays in shape. Jen relies on “Yogalosophy” to keep her body looking great. Jen’s BFF and yoga extraordinaire Mandy designed the 28-day program.

In a May 29 interview with ABC News, Mandy explains more: “It’s yoga paired with toning exercises, so people who were bored with yoga might try it, or people that were really into yoga might get a little extra workout. Mandy says the tree pose is Jen’s favorite exercise and that they work out together three times a week.


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