Jennifer Aniston’s Hottest look viral.

Jennifer Aniston’s Hottest look viral.

Aniston has also ventured into fashion, launching a clothing line in 2022. Together with Courteney Cox, they’re promoting a clothing line themed “Friends Forever” as part of the ‘Cast Collection’ line, a range of Friends-themed apparel curated by the show’s stars. The clothing features most favorite lines and unforgettable moments from the series.

Jennifer Aniston owns several vineyards and produces high-end wines. In 2020, Aniston reportedly purchased a home in Napa Valley, California, which includes a vineyard. This vineyard is likely used for personal enjoyment and relaxation rather than as a significant source of income.

Aniston continues to receive royalties from her film work and movies she’s acted in over the years. These royalties add income to her net worth.


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