Kim Kardashian Bum Exposed On The Beach In Tulum

The 36-year-old reality star usually airbrushes her snaps before sharing them on social media.

The mum-of-two showed off her un-airbrushed body in red, yellow, and beige-coloured swimwear.She looked happy and relaxed as she went au natural and paddled through the sea in the Mexican resort of Tulum.

Kim, who has a son and daughter with husband Kanye West, wore minimal make-up and pulled her hair back into a bun as she enjoyed her day out on the sand.

The pictures have given fans a rare glimpse of the 36 year old looking glowing and natural without her Glam Squad of hair stylists and make-up artists who are always on hand at home to get Kim ready.

It was also evident Kim didn’t want to suffer a wardrobe malfunction as she covered her nipples with tape, which could be seen rising above her bikini top.


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