Margot Robbie super hottest bikini photos….

Margot Robbie super hottest bikini photos….

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress and film producer who has gained significant recognition for her work in the entertainment industry. She was born on July 2, 1990, in Dalby, Queensland, Australia. Robbie started her acting career by appearing in various Australian television shows before making her breakthrough internationally.

She gained widespread attention for her role as Naomi Lapaglia in the 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street,” where she starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. This role marked a turning point in her career and brought her into the Hollywood spotlight.

Robbie is known for her versatile acting skills and has portrayed a range of characters in various genres, including drama, comedy, action, and more. Some of her notable roles include playing Harley Quinn in the DC Extended Universe films “Suicide Squad,” “Birds of Prey,” and “The Suicide Squad.” Her portrayal of Harley Quinn was particularly praised for its energy, quirkiness, and unique interpretation of the character.


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