SEXY Kylie Jenner’s skin SKIMPY pics in a plunging corset will make you sweat!

SEXY Kylie Jenner’s skin SKIMPY pics in a plunging corset will make you sweat!

Kylie Jenner posted a slew of pH๏τographs in a skin-revealing black corset that put her cleavage on a major display. The skimp pH๏τographs also showed her wearing a lip ring.

Kylie Jenner, for years, has been a H๏τ topic of conversation for her famous pout. And once again, the American socialite and entrepreneur is back in the headlines for her pout — albeit for an entirely different reason. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Kylie shared a slew of pictures of herself in raunchy lingerie. In the pH๏τographs, the beauty mogul is seen wearing a black skin-tight corset with an extremely plunging neckline. It is this very cleavage-revealing neckline that got everyone distracted from the pout that she is famously known for.

Kylie Jenner wore pink glossy lip colour that perfectly complimented her pout. It also brought focus to the tiny diamond-encrusted ring that she wore in the middle of her lower lip.

Apart from the lip ring, the only other accessory that Kylie Jenner had on her included Balenciaga’s black bag with a gold chain strap.

Kylie Jenner’s these skin-revealing pH๏τographs come just a week after she revealed that she is embracing her postpartum curves since the time she gave birth to her son.

During a recent episode of ‘The Kardashians’, Kylie was heard saying on the show, “I feel like with your first baby, it’s like a shock to see your body change so much.”


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