Sexy looks of Jennifer Aniston

Sexy looks of Jennifer Aniston

But among Aniston’s early roles, no one can deny that her breakthrough role came in the hit television series “Friends.” Starring as Rachel Green, Aniston would appear in the 234 episodes of the show’s 10 seasons. She also earned her first and only Primetime Emmy Award victory from the show for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

In the first season of “Friends,” Aniston reportedly bagged $22,500 per episode. In the second, the Primetime Emmy Award winner raked in $20,000. During the third season, Aniston enjoyed a salary raise that paid her $75,000 per episode. Afterwards, she made $85,000 and $100,000 for seasons four and five, respectively. After the fifth season, Aniston was earning at least $1 million per episode on top of a $5 million compensation and a percentage of the syndication deal, as per IMDB. Aniston, alongside her costars in “Friends,” continues to earn from the show’s royalties.

In relation to “Friends,” Aniston alongside with her costars appeared in HBO Max’s “Friends: The Reunion” in 2021. All of the “Friends” stars were paid at least $2.5 million apiece. But for Aniston, she reportedly received $4 million.


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