Veronika Rajek in yellow bikini

The former Miss Slovakia updated her Instagram page with a set of steamy photos of herself wearing a skimpy bikini and dazzling fans with her spectacular curves.

Rajek, who’s currently based in Mexico, had the pictures taken at the Orchid Beach House in Tulum, as per the geotag.

Though Mexican temperatures may be hot, the 26-year-old certainly knows how to make them even hotter. Rajek just wowed Instagram once again after posting images where she nearly bursts out of her bikini top. Her followers understandably went wild.

The set included a halterneck top boasting thin straps that ran across the chest line, further luring the gaze to her bodacious bust. Its strings were tied around her midriff, highlighting her taut figure. Meanwhile, the other pair of straps were secured behind her neck, which helped to accentuate her toned arms and shoulders.


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